F means filtered ?

> I think actually the question that Jim was asking is whether Paul filters
> access to the root name server he runs based on his Spam Blacklist. It
> seems to be a valid question.

Paul wrote:

Yes, I do. I have no opinion on whether spammers should or should not be
able to reach any given root name server, including "mine", but for the time
being I lack the hardware needed to firewall f.root-servers.net differently
than I do the rest of my network.

Uh, that is a serious issue.

If you filter the root server that you run according to your "spam list",
then you are not providing a public service on equal footing to all comers.

I dislike spam and UCE as much as the next person, but I find this kind of
policy statement and implementation abhorrent when you're talking about a
*public* resource.

If you wish to do that its fine with me, but then F.root-servers.net needs
to be replaced by a machine which is not subject to these filters.

Root servers aren't private things, expecially when you hold them out to the