Extreme & Foundry mailing lists

Hi folks,

Back in October, Rich Sena asked whether there were any dedicated
mailing lists for people using Extreme Networks equipment. I thought
that it would be a useful independent forum to have, so I've setup a
list for Extreme users, and also one for Foundry users. If you'd like
to join, send mail to majordomo@greenfinch.com with either or both of
the following lines in the main body of the message:

  subscribe extreme
  subscribe foundry



  foundry-nsp@puck.nether.net and extreme-nsp@puck.nether.net
also exist :slight_smile:

  - jared

Yeah those are the ones that I found - thanks Jared and also thanks too

On Feb 5, 2002 Jared Mauch spake:

  foundry-nsp@puck.nether.net and extreme-nsp@puck.nether.net
also exist :slight_smile:

I spotted foundry-nsp on the webpage, but extreme-nsp isn't up there.
Might be worth adding, as I didn't know of it's existance either :wink:

  - jared
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