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Does any one know a Vendor (NOT Keynote) that can do sanity checks against your web/smtp/ftp farms with pings, traceroutes, latency checks as well as application checks (GET, POST, ESMTP, etc)

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Pingdom will do most of what you're looking for (www.pingdom.com). We're
quite fond of them after a bad Keynote experience.


We've been pretty happy with Pingdom. They do latency with all the
healthchecks...give pretty nice history graphs of latency and uptime.
They'll do automatic traceroutes when a check hard fails (I.e. 3 fails
from 3 different geographic locations).


I've had good results with hyperspin.com...never any false alarms for that matter.


Gomez isn't too bad either for the http side.



Slight hijack, I'm interested in the answer to this question, but I'm also wondering about a service that will actually phone you (or is there a reliable text/e-mail->phone call service?) I'd appreciate actually being phoned overnight if something dies drastically to the outside world!

+1 vote for Gomez, they are the most advanced and most capable in this space. They are also not very cheap...


Pingdom has been pretty solid, only criticism is that all of their
nodes are North America and Europe.

Depends on whether you're monitoring SLA or performance from remote locations.

There's also webmetrics (acquired by neustar sometime back) -

A bit different, but if you are looking for something that works a bit before the problem becomes visible to the user, check:


http://www.websitepulse.com/ been around and solid for years, much more advanced than pingdom.com but pingdom.com is great for certain levels of testing.

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not sure where these folks are in terms of deployment or meeting the
OP's needs, but the owner/founder is a nanog person:


so maybe you can link up with him and ask some questions?


Justin Horstman wrote:

<> +1 vote for Gomez, they are the most advanced and most capable in
<> this space. They are also not very cheap...

And Gomez' service contracts include automatic rollover. -1 on Gomez


You can easily ask them to take that out. Never had an issue with them removing that from their contracts. In fact, there has never been any part of their aup, tos, or any other agreement that they were not willing to change to meet our needs. *shrugs* Your millage may vary.


I've been using Site24x7 for some time now and am very pleased with them,
plus their pricing is very reasonable.

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i am very pleased by serverguard24.com services.

I used Avonsys before for monitoring. You can have Keynote, Gomez, homegrown tool etc but you still need someone with clue on how to interpret it, verify alerts, find odd performance problems etc. Contact me off list if you want reference.