Expert Witness needed for Terry Childs case


An attorney needs an Expert Witness for the Terry Childs case.
I don't know much about the case and I'm not endorsing it in either
way, but justice requires a vigorous defense -- and stating facts
and acting on behalf of the legal process is always a good thing to
participate in.

This is a paid job in a high-profile case.

The attorney is looking for someone in/near the SF Bay Area who knows
routing, WAN, switches, routers -- a CCIE type who would be willing
to act as an expert witness in this case. CCIE is not required, but
would be very helpful. Also should be expert in security and protecting
these types of networks and gear.

Here's a summary from the attorney:
I am one of the attorneys working on the defense for Terry Childs. His
is a very high profile case in San Francisco. He is charged with denial
of service attacks on San Francisco's fiber network for city services.
He is also charged with keeping a backdoor to hack the network, by
virtue of the fact that he had at least one modem hooked up to the
network for his monitoring software. He was in fact the administrator
who set up the network and simply failed to turn over the passwords to
the network machines to his boss, and now he is being held on
$5,000,000.00 bail. That is a very simplified account of what happened.

Here is an O'Reilly article about the case:

They initially wanted a CCIE, because Mr. Childs has that
certification. I am not sure any particular certification is required.

So we need a defense expert to testify about his security practices.
Mr. Childs locked out console ports, took passwords out of NVRAM, set up
access lists, and did a host of stuff to make sure that no one but him
had access to these machines. It is a paid job in this super high
profile case. I remember that you, Dave, know all about security. I
also thought Bruno might know someone who can help, because I remember
that you, Bruno, know a lot about a lot.

Can either of you recommend someone? Or would you like to be involved?

The trial date is fast approaching. I look forward to hearing back from
you guys.