Experience with Third-Party memory (Cisco)?

With all the talk lately about the growth in routes, I got to thinking
about upgrading the memory in a couple of my routers.

Does anyone have experience using third-party "guaranteed compatible"

With Cisco's discount it looks like I can upgrade for $5k vs $700 with
third party memory. I'm just wondering if others have used it, and how it's
performed, or if it isn't worth the risk.


No direct experience with Cisco but we used to use Kingston memory in Dell servers without any issues.

A few years back, we had to do memory upgrades on our ASAs in order to move to 8.3 code. All was done with 3rd party memory kits. There have been no performance issues we've noticed with them. The one issue we had was that one of the memory sticks in the kit was bad. The vendor immediately sent out a replacement for it and all was well after that.


As far as I'm aware, there are up to four ISR 3825s still operating somewhere I've worked previously, with Crucial DIMMs in them. The stuff that came out looked pretty bog-standard OEM stuff, too.

I suppose it could depend on what type of memory it is, but when it's just regular DDR SDRAM, I don't see any cause for concern for the few tens of pounds it cost (versus £hundreds for Cisco's own) to find out.


Running 6500's and 7200's with 3rd party memory... No issues.

This is what your looking for :


512MB DDR CL2.5 Unbuffered/Unregistered CL2.5 - buy 10 and have a huge
stack of spares :slight_smile:

I used some old laptop simms from ebay in my 2801.. Worked like a charm :slight_smile: