expectations for bgp peering?

Apologies for top posting, but my response is a little long long...

I wouldn't be too concerned about the multi-hop as there're many reasons why they might do that, but a week out and it's still not working? It's all about customer service. Are they giving you the appropriate level of service you expect for what you're paying? If not, vote with your dollars and move on...

Usually, I get the circuit up and pingable to the IPs that will be doing the peering ahead of time. I then set a date for the BGP turn up. On my side, BGP is pre-configured and all I have to do is type 'no shut'. Most times everything comes up and we all go home happy. Sometimes I have to do a little troubleshooting.
If they got the lower layers up ahead of time with you, set a date to turn up BGP and now it's a week later, I'd be worried about what type of customer service they'd give later on when trouble happens.

And they don't allow you to prepend? In my book that'd be two strikes against them and this isn't baseball, so I wouldn't wait for the third strike.