Exodus Customer Security

Every post I see from you has something to do with what's wrong with
Exodus. Why is that?


Wow, how observant of you. I'm truly impressed.

Let's see... This is a security/operations-related thread. One of the
suspected origins of naughtiness is an Exodus customer. I, too, an an
Exodus customer. Believe it or not, I have information/insight
(regarding the nature of these attacks, and how to contact someone at
Exodus who cares) worth sharing.

To be quite honest with you, I would love to say something positive about
Exodus to the men and women of NANOG. Unfortunately, I cannot do so in a
truthful manner. From my [far too] numerous dealings with Exodus, it
seems obvious that many Exodus employees love to set low goals for
themselves, and then continuously fail to meet them. Your mileage may
vary, of course.

If you think my bitching is a futile attempt to spread dirt, collapse
Exodus, and impoverish Ellen Hancock and pals, think again...

Bear in mind that, for every one clueful NANOG reader, there are
thousands of clue-deprived droids, looking for a colocation/transit shop
to house their p0rn servers and whatnot. As long is this continues to be
the case, Exodus will manage to rake in vict^H^H^H^Hcustomers easily.

Oh well.

Oh, sorry, we should excuse to Exodus for exploiting their name in this subject.

Real subject should have name 'Unix troyans'

From an operational professional standpoint I agree with this approach

and we should keep it this way between all of us in the future on all like

Henry R. Linneweh

alex@relcom.EU.net wrote:


Re: Exodus' inability to care if other people on the net are hacked by our

Oh, sorry, we should excuse to Exodus for exploiting their name in this subject.

Real subject should have name 'Unix troyans'

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(+7 095) 196-72-12 (Support), (+7 095) 194-33-28 (Fax)

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  Given that it was a sunday night, the fact that the customer was contacted
and the "compromized" machine was taken offline in about 3 hours leads me to believe
otherwise. Maybe in your idealistic world things are 'instantly' taken care of, but
in mine it normally takes 3-5 DAYS or longer to get things like this resolved.

  Do you think if some other large site was scanning like this that iti would
have taken any less time to resolve? I was once hit by a tucows machine and after
repeated mails, calls and such it was still up weeks later.. I was also hit by sites
off of icon.net and while they were VERY responsive, it still took a few days to
get the sites fixed..