Exchanges that matter...

> I think that what Alex really should say 'No'. What he saying is
> that for Xara UK-sourced traffic is split like this:
> 50% is sent to UK peers at the LINX in London
> 40% goes to the USA
> 10% goes to dGIX in Stockholm
Doh! Yes. Must get reading lessons. Missed the word "remaining".

So none of the traffic from Xara goes back out to Xara customers?!

Currently I have no foolproof way to differentiate traffic that
goes over the LINX destined for in UK and outside UK. There's
some work going on to build a list of UK ASes to this end (amongst
others) but it hasn't been done yet.

Quite agreed this is hard stuff, thus my interest :slight_smile:

Jim is quite right (except it works bidirectionally).

Do you see symmetrical flows in and out of the country or do you
see more inbound that outbound?


There is a third possibility, of course. In our case we see more
outbound traffic towards the USA then inbound traffic from the USA,
because our UK customers have Web sites popular in the USA.