Exchange point stats info

I was wondering if someone who knew something about the current status
of the group(s) that were working on a standard data collection format
for exchange point statistics, could speak up. It seems to me that
operators could still get valuable trend information out of
published data from exchange points. However this data would be
more useful if compared accross multiple exchange point, as there
are at least 40 in north america alone. (Although most of those
are smaller exchange points.) (Then if we could just get
providers to publish info on private exchange points...)

This is slight tangent to above but please allow me,

Is there any proposed "standard" using which data could be *collected* from
different vendor routers, something similar to Cisco's netflow?

Does anybody know if other vendors support things similar to Cisco's netflow
for stat collection?

/Subodh Nijsure (