Exchange point networks

but folk not at linx will not understand this 'joke'. they're lucky.

LINX and every other exchange point in Europe and several large US ISPs,
and as I understand it there are other IXP's in the world that have
this practise, whilst I don't think its useful, other people do.

and, from an american commercial point of view, this week's wonderful
linx-ism, linx admin publicly announcing that a peer's bill is overdue,
and giving their name etc., was absolutely over the top.

No it wasn't. It was done for operational reasons, I think most
people would rather that they knew that one of their peers had been
taken down and why that had happened in case it affected their customers.

Clearly you don't feel so strongly about good customer service, I and
I believe the majority of the LINX membership do believe in good customer
service. You don't have any kind of involvement with other European Exchange
points do you Randy?