Exchange point networks

Bill Woodcock writes:
> DNS for the block provides useful information about which ISP they're
> associated with, and contact info, and so forth. IP addresses are
> available for this purpose from Bill Manning,, who also
> provides a management infrastructure for registering the in-addr names and
> contact information.

RIRs may also set aside addresses to be used for exchange points, and
you may want to check with your local RIR for this address space. It
is generally a good thing to establish a relationship with the local
RIR in any case.

          Ted Hardie

  I'll agree that working with an IR is a good thing. However
  it really doesn't have to be the incubent RIR. LIRs work as
  well as folks (such as myself) with pre-RIR delegations.

  Its also true that having the address space held by a neutral party
  (not the realestate folks, the telco/transit guild, or the
  content farmers) can enhance the value and longevity of the