Excessive Internet Traffic

The University of Central Florida has seen a sudden jump in tcp 445
denies. It began a little after 9:00 AM EDST. New Worm?

I am denying about 32 thousand packets per second. IP Cache flow show
them well spread over a wide range of addresses, targeted at what
apeears to be a random sample of my class B. The ACL on our border
router is taking 21 million denies every 10 minutes.

60 deny tcp any any eq 445 (346740094 matches)

The packets are small, since I am seeing a large nuber of packets, but
the bit count is low.
  30 second input rate 72679000 bits/sec, 41033 packets/sec
  30 second output rate 29208000 bits/sec, 7687 packets/sec
Input bits per second are a little above normal, but the packet count
would normally be under 10000 not 41000.



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My 445 traffic is pretty normal (lots of it, not unusual tho)

You're being DoS'd? Identify the dst and the ingress points, if you can work out
the srces, if not speak to your upstreams for assistance in identifying and
stopping the traffic.


Is that a variant of Nachi B. ? The source address may
be generated.

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