EVPN multicast route (multi home case ) implementation / deployment information


Wondering if there is any known implementation of EVPN multihome multicast routes which are defined in


there is some change planned in NLRI , we want to make sure to have solution which does work well with existing implementation.

Note: Discussion involves Nokia, Juniper, Cisco, Arista already. So looking for any other vendor who have implementation.


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For Juniper:

Starting in Junos OS 18.4R1, devices with IGMP snooping enabled use selective multicast forwarding in a centrally routed EVPN-VXLAN network to replicate and forward multicast traffic. As before, IGMP snooping allows the leaf device to send multicast traffic only to the access interface with an interested receiver. But now, when IGMP snooping is enabled, the leaf device selectively sends multicast traffic to only the leaf devices in the core that have expressed an interest in that multicast group. In selective multicast forwarding, leaf devices always send multicast traffic to the spine device so that it can route inter-VLAN multicast traffic through its IRB interface.


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