European ISP enables IPv6 for all?

Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 13:28:35 +0100
From: Jeroen Massar <>

Kevin Oberman wrote:
> Note that sixxs only deals with commercial providers. Many (most?) of
> the major research and education networks around the globe have done
> IPv6 in production for years. That includes ESnet, DREN, NREN and
> Internet2 in the US, CAnet in Canada, Geant/Dante in Europe and a number
> of national networks in Asia.

Which is a well know fact and who have quite a limited set of end-sites
who can actually connect to them, that is why these are not listed.
Similarly it doesn't list hosting providers either, enabling a colo to
do IPv6 should be childs play, getting it to the enduser though... :wink:

I was not complaining. I just wanted to be sure that people were aware
that thee are a LOT of users (including large numbers of researchers,
educators, and especially students connected to IPv6 capable nets.

> That said, while we provide IPv6 services

You provide services and access, but which places are actually enabled
to use it? That the network is there is one thing, this is the easy
part, linking up the end-sites is the hard one.

Actually, for ESnet, due to an government mandate, most end sites carry
or very soon will carry IPv6.

This still does not mean the end users are likely to use it or that
there will be much traffic. The end sites tend to NOT talk to each
other. the only exception is a couple of research facilities that use
IPv6, but that still amounts to an immeasurably small amount of traffic
over 10G links.

Perhaps the single biggest issue with making web service IPv6 enabled is
that doing so almost invariably leads to a drop in total access due to
brokenness in the IPv6 Internet as well as applications that don't do
the right thing way too often.