Euro-IX ASN Tools updated

After several peering community requests we have now extended our ASN tool
set to allow searches on not only European IXP participants but also those
in other regions.

The Euro-IX ASN database has some 9.200 entries of participants from 280
IXPs from around the globe. The data stored in our ASN database is a
culmination of our member IXPs updating their records, all relevant entries
from the peeringDB and me trawling through the rest of the IXP websites. I
don't claim that this set of data is exhaustive but we do our very best!

The data stored looks something like this.

IXP Participants - 5,383
Unique ASNs - 2,952

IXP Participants - 1,102
Unique ASNs - 635

North America:
IXP Participants - 2,015
Unique ASNs - 832

South America:
IXP Participants - 274
Unique ASNs - 158

IXP Participants - 199
Unique ASNs - 111

IXP Participants - 9,199
Unique ASNs - 4,519

So you can get a closer look at these ASNs by searching in the Euro-IX ASN

Or having look at the ASN filter that now includes all 280 IXPs:

And for fun we have a list of ASNs that peer at 10 or more IXPs globally:

I will be at APRICOT 2010 KL from this Sunday to Wednesday if anyone wants
to chat with me about this data.