Eurid suspends more than 74,000 .eu domain names

I think this operationally impact some people


Henry Linneweh wrote:

I think this operationally impact some people
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I doubt it.

74,000 less domain parked pages most likely.


Typosquatters and domain name speculators typically dont have anything
other than pages stuffed full of clickthrough ads on domains they glom

No operational impact in sweeping all that dross out.

Would that many of those in the US would go away...

Anyone else note the irony that the domain names were registered through so he is complaining about his own customers.

People willing to put up with Eurid burocracy three times over deserve all the
domain names their own money can buy.

Well ok - if his service gets abused he has every right to complain
about that, and to help turf them as and when they turn up.

He's got sound views on domain kiting, that man ..