euNetworks, DE-CIX

  We are a US hosting company, expanding in to Europe. In the US we use Level 3 and AIS (AS6130) and Cogent. We planned to use Level 3 and Cogent in EU as well, but our experience with Level 3 support has been less than stellar. I am looking for an Internet provider with whom we can receive full tables, announce our AS/IP space, RTBH, and get a 10G port. Prefer someone that will not have peering fights (we already have that with Cogent). I am interested in feedback from anyone with similar service with euNetworks in Europe (especially Germany).
  By extension, we will be moving some data through the DE-CIX.

  Any first-hand experience you might have to share is greatly appreciated, in public or private replies.

Thank you very much!

Which location?