EU Gigabit Infrastructure Act agreement - in-building infrastructure access

While I'm still asking a builder in the USA about pre-wiring new construction house ....

The EU has included in-building infrastructure and fiber ready requirements in its new Gigabit Infrastructure act.

e) In-building physical infrastructure and fibre wiring, the “fibre-ready” label and certification schemes

18. To ensure a swift deployment of VHCN, allowing citizens to enjoy fast connectivity services, new and majorly renovated buildings shall be pre-equipped with fibre and fibreready infrastructure. In order to implement this provision, standards have to be developed and adopted under Article 8(4). Member States shall ensure compliance with this provision and must have procedures in place, to verify whether the buildings are equipped according to these standards.

19. Applying the ‘fibre-ready’ label in Article 8(5) and (6) has become optional for the Member States. The certification is not any more a pre-requisite to issuing a building permit.