Ethernet Service at 150 S. Market Street, SJ


We're in need of low-bandwidth ethernet service in our cage at
Datapipe at 150 S. Market Street for OOB. Any recommendations?


GSM modem? Then you aren't depending on the fiber coming into the


Satellite! :wink:

Last I heard, roof rights are pricey down there :slight_smile:

...And somewhat silly, given that it's *that* facility. But the roof
is mostly clear, if anyone needs to put up a dish.

There are a couple of metro wireless providers that can touch that
location as well, in case your definition of OOB is pretty robustly

But the likely solution is a network provider already there or nearby.

I would be more than happy to put an antenna on a data center roof. Depending on throughput requirements, it would probably end up being cheaper to use satellite. Satellite is excellent for actual OOB and obviously much more reliable in a DR scenario.

For typical console access/OOB use cases only or a lot more data? If the
former, I can't see any reason to mess with anything more than a
telemetry-rate plan SIM card in a 3g/4g console server. Chances are, if
you can get cell phone coverage to your cage, it will work fine. They're
also very cheap, lower latency, and nothing more than velcro is needed to
install them.


If you're looking for some kind of actual out of band (for disaster recovery scenarios), Satellite is an excellent option. If you just need 100-200kbps for basic console access, you could absolutely accomplish this with satellite. The only real difference between Satellite and Cellular is, if there is any real power at the facility Satellite will be online — I don't think we can say the same for cellular BTS's. Every Cellular installation I have done (over 300) has had a single feed to primary power. Power goes out across several blocks and suddenly the BTS's that are outside of that area are saturated with additional handset registrations. If it were me, I would not rely on 3G/4G for anything that had actual ramifications behind it. If you've got a killer SLA with your customers, the funds to deploy a VSAT solution are minimal at best. 1mbps/1mbps with no SLA across satellite is in the hundreds of dollars per month, and you get a VLAN piped straight back into your gear at your offices.