Ethernet EP - MAC Address Filtering

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  I would be planning deploy it on the Juniper Platforms and it appears
that at least the 4 port FE PICs support it as well. I would imagine
(without actually investigating it) you could do some sort of port
security on the 65xx/76xx platform though.

  Primarily I am questioning whether it would be scalable in the long
term or whether it would become more trouble than what it would be

  Also while Deepak pointed out that you could perform line rate packet
filtering only allowing packets to valid destinations on your network,
this would only stop someone defaulting you but would not stop someone
repointing next hop to valid destinations on your network.


Lane Patterson wrote:

I'm aware that Juniper GigE interfaces support a mac-filter-list. I'm
not well versed on which versions of Cisco router products support this
well (and line rate), but I didn't think GSRs and 7xxx had any support for
this. Are the L2/L3 family (65xx, 76xx) able to handle mac-filters at
line rate w/o a slow path?

I too would be interested in knowing if folks perform mac-filtering.

Certainly there are other measures you can take as well, such as scripting
some default-pointing traceroute checks, to check both peers and non-peers
on an IXP fabric. These have been documented at various times, and Avi
at one point posted some form of this to Nanog (moons archives).

My impression of "best practices" would be to:

        1. implement mac-filter or mac-counters to prevent
                any illegally statically routed non-peer traffic.
        2. implement traceroute scripts to check that peers are
                not defaulting any partial transit thru you.

Feedback welcome :slight_smile:


> Hello NANOG,
> Just curious if anyone is performing MAC Address Filtering at any of
> the Ethernet Exchange Points. If so has it been found to be easy to
> administer or difficult where by peers may be changing Layer 3 devices
> or Interfaces without notice? Alternately is MAC Address Filtering
> considered an unneeded security measure?
> Thanks,
> Dave
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