Error in assignments....?

In message <>, Kurt Erik Lindqvist wr

> RADB are a routing registry not an address space registry. Consult
> ARIN, APNIC, RIPE, etc for IP space ownership details. Any RADB
> member can register pretty much any route/AS pair and many members
> don't bother to put real details when it comes to owner of the route,
> etc (putting the ISP instead of the customer).

Yes, and this is my point. There is one route with two different sources

  Shit happens.

Now, if I where to try and filter on this, I would have a problem....and
after all, one of the advantages of a routing registry is that you can
filter from it...

  Mirror the information that is relevant to you, and create an exception
database. Merge those two, and create your filters from there.

  Then you can start bugging your peers to update their information.

- marcel