Errant Advertisement - 128.1/16

Is there anyone from AT&T on the list that could help with a likely misconfiguration? I have not received any response yet to my complaint (see below) submitted to the abuse address on July 26. We have since started advertising this space and would like to resolve the MOAS condition we have created.


The address block is registered to BBN Technologies (AS11488) but is currently unused on any BBN networks. BBN would like to begin using this address space however AS7018 is currently originating public BGP routes for this address block. We believe this to be a configuration error. Please help us resolve this.

A traceroute to shows the following routers as the last 4 responding hops: ( ( (



Did you fix it?
My traceroute shows last hop is

This issue has been cleared up. Thanks to everyone for their help.


Wow, BBN, the reason we use the @ sign, second .com Domain, former AS1.

Lots of history :wink:

They also made Interface Message Processors, like the grandpas of routers.


Plus, technically, since was non-operational for a
while, is the oldest .com domain in continuous operation. And
you'll notice that it has IPv6-reachable web and DNS servers :slight_smile: