Equinox Power Failure

Does anyone have related and/or specific outage information to the
Equinox IBX facility in Chicago that occurred this past weekend? I'm
more curious of actual root cause of their power facilities, outage
timelines, response times...etc.



Equinox outage in Chicago? Did the power to the treadmill go off while you
were working out? :slight_smile:

Equinix actually did a pretty good job of providing detailed information
about what went wrong and why (after the fact), and kept customers up to
date regarding the resolutions and testing activity afterwards. If you are
a customer you should have gotten a copy of the report by now. I'm not
going to paste the actual contents of it here (since it has one of those
pesky industry-standard confidential information tags on it), but you can
probably get someone at Equinix to give you a copy.

There are really only two things I can fault Equinix for regarding the
handling of the incident:

#1 They didn't get an announcement of the situation out until 4 hours
after the failure.

#2 They should have had better monitoring systems in place to realize that
they were putting out dirty power, and taken action to shut it off rather
than putting out 90V on 120V AC circuits and bouncing on/off every minute
until utility power was restored. Nearly everyone I've talked to lost some
equipment during this, in some cases millions of dollars worth of gear
(thank god for insurance :P). The recovery process from the damaged
hardware lasted much longer than the actual outage, at least for us and
our vendors.

Other than that, they did the best they could with the situation, followed
up with corrective action and useful/detailed information after the
incident was over, and actually delivered on SLA credits much faster than
other colos in similar situations.