Hey all,

I am wondering if anyone else has had a really hard time working with Equinix over the past 6 months. It just seems like everything we try to do gets done incorrectly without explanation or oversight. Prior to the last 6 months or so they had been fairly flawless doing basic tasks like cross-connects and patching cables. I’m trying to determine whether it’s just me or if everyone has noticed this?



Is it a specific IBX? We've noticed no issues at CH1

We have seen this amongst other DCs as well, good help is hard to find :slight_smile:

Ah, it's the DC campus.

We've been installing some cross connects with CenturyLink and we send Equinix the LOAs with the exact ports and they just connect them to random patch panel ports and nothing works. (because of course not) so then we have to contact them again and it just continues on and on like this.

I was just wondering.

Hi Drew,

You're probably best off ordering those crossconnects through the
Equinix portal, then you can choose the exact positions for the order
that goes to the facility rather than relying on a human to transcribe
them correctly from your PDF.

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If only Equinix portal reflected how your patch panels really look like...

I’ll second Martijn’s comment and add this: Never choose “Next Available.” It’s the easy route up front but painful the rest of its life. We started predetermining where we wanted each of our xconnects (regardless which colo company) and submitting the port numbers with tickets / Equinix portal-based request. And it’s been way smoother sailing since. You are you own source of truth, not the tech that serviced your ticket. PZ


I used to have issues with them at $job[-1].
At some point I had an "explanation" that they will NOT deliver XCos on ports that already have a cable plugged "in order not to cause disruptions". So much for precabled positions.... At some point it was also clear that their records (both their portal and their "other/non-official" records) were pretty far from being correct. The best part was when I ordered ONE XCo de-installed an I got TWO (the extra one a backbone link).
Everything done via portal. Paris (FR/EU) area.
Things seems a little better now, but as far as I can remember, things happen in "waves" there.
Actually there's much more to say about them but for today it's enough.