EPP minutia (was: Re: Gtld transfer process)

I want a "transfer process" that is inherently difficult, if not
broken, for domain names that are business assets. I don't care about
"competition" between registrars, or how much I get soaked for by the
registrar and registry, or how evil and/or retarded one or both are.

The problem that got us here was that registrars have
historically been not flexible enough at releasing
domains when the owners *did* want to transfer them.

What you are saying, is that you want to have either
a level of service at registrars, or a new registrar
with the additional level of service, that instead of
being easy to deal with in moves, is designed to maximally
ensure safe handling of your important corporate identity.

I think this is a clear and wonderful business opportunity.
Just expect to pay more for it...

-george william herbert

Perhaps large organizations for whom even a brief domain name hijacking
would result in huge losses should consider becoming their own registrar.
Possibly due to their experience with being hijacked AOL has chosen to be
their own registrar. I certainly have to imagine that registrar.aol.com
would be mighty suspicious of any attempt to modify the aol.com domain. The
fees to become a registrar look to be only a few thousand dollars, so I
suspect less than $100,000 would be more than sufficient to set up and
operate a registrar if you don't have to actually deal with any customers
other than yourself. In retrospect that price must look cheap to panix.com.
I would not be surprised if the hijacking of panix.com resulted in an even
greater expansion in the number of accredited registrars.