Enterprise WiFi list recommendations?


I'm looking for some mailing list recommendations for wifi operations
community, any commendations?

Thanks in advance.

Besides a proofreader :slight_smile:

No, commendations are in order, if a list has proven to be exemplary in quality. :wink:

In the EDU world go to EDUCAUSE' WIRELESS-LAN listserv -- archives are


Checkout wispa.org

Let us know what you decide to subscribe to.

MERAKI... http://www.meraki.com

E = 4:32 & Cheers!!!

Just had a call from them oddly enough..... (via a white paper download,
not scrapping nanog fortunatly...)

I signed up for the wispa and wireless-lan lists mentioned in the
thread, so we'll see how that goes.

Thanks all for the on and off list replies.