engineering --> ddos and flooding

Dan Foster <> writes:

I, too, am much looking forward to the proposed standards to turn this
kind of thing into a non-event. :slight_smile:

Well, look no further than here, for your prayers are answered:

  On any connection to an end-user, ISPs shall forward only
  packets with source addresses assigned to that end-user by
  the ISP. Exceptions can be made for multi-homed
  end-users: e.g., if an end-user has from ISP A,
  and from ISP B, each ISP may choose to accept
  packets with source addresses from the block assigned by
  the other ISP, by prior arrangement with the end-user and
  the other ISP.

Now, if you're looking forward to the *implementation* of this
proposed standard, you had best be looking through a very strong
telescope. It will happen some time after the last open SMTP relay
on the Internet is secured :-(.

Jim Shankland