"Engineer" (Was: Tech contact for Qwest?)

Having to have a written code of ethics is usually a very sure sign
that there are problems in this respect. Every time i hear about
anything like that i'm reminded of the Moral Code of Bulider of Communism
(yes, there was a poster with that text in virtually every classroom
in the ussr). That one was a lot more comprehensive, too.

Well, the early Internet types have unwritten ethics - and it is a hell
lot different from the corporate ethics of the Professional Engineers (tm).
Clashes between these two often provide spectacular fireworks :slight_smile:


So lack of a written code is a sure sign that all is well? Emperical
evidence would suggest otherwise.

Patrick Greenwell
                 "This is our time. It will not come again."

Sorry for this, but ijust happend to find this URL by pure accident...

You might be an Engineer if you ....

Laughs everybody :slight_smile: