Enable BIND cache server to resolve chinese domain name?

Oh - most indians couldnt care a sh*t about it I expect, except those
who have business or other contacts with china. On the other hand,
.tw and .cn are quite likely to find sharing the same namespace very
tough .. and there are all the oh so wonderful encoding and other
differences that you can get that make IDN using nonstandard and non
interoperable schemes so very interesting.


Okay, so the bigger problem is Taiwan versus China, or maybe Japan versus China, or maybe any other ethnic group/country that has issues with any other ethnic group/country.

  How about the Flemish versus the Walloons? Shall we split up .be into two separate roots? Oh, wait, there's the German-speaking portion in the far eastern part of the country....

  Shall we have a separate root for each and every ethnic group in the world?

  Hey, here's an idea -- everyone in the world get their own separate root. Heck, let's be really silly -- let's go ahead an issue a separate root zone for each and every atomic particle in existence throughout the Universe. That should only take up a few hundred bits of space in every address....

  The first step down this road is the most dangerous. It's the one that seems the most plausible. The most likely to help, and not to hurt. And the next step seems pretty plausible, too. And the third. And the fourth.

  But this way lies madness.

   Shall we have a separate root for each and every ethnic group in the


We could always create a gTLD in which the second level
uses the ISO 639 codes for languages. That would have the
same effect as giving each ethnic group a "root" especially
if we require that each linguistic group establish a
non-profit association to manage their 2LD.

Unfortunately the Flemish would still have to settle
for being grouped in with the Dutch. Unless they can
convince the ISO that Flemish really is a separate
language. Compare this to the situation with Serbian
and Croatian. One language became two because the
catholics decided to use a latin alphabet, the orthodox
decided to use a cyrillic alphabet and they did lots
of shooting.

--Michael Dillon