EMS systems?


  I have been looking through the archives and RFC and I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I'm in search of an Element Management System or Inventory tracking system that can keep track of my hardware (routers, switches, SONET, patch panels) and ports (DS-1, DS-3, CDS-3, Ethernet, GigE, OC-x) and circuits (connecting two ports together). I don't need SNMP/NMS functionality per se but an add-on capability would be nice. I need a system that can track a customer circuit from their location (UNE DS1) to the Verizon CFA / circuit ID at my colo through my M13 mux into my SONET and into the router. It would be great if I could click on a customer and list all of their circuits and equipment involved with the circuits. Is there an RFC which defines such a database? Is there an open source system available to maintain the data? A database package where I can say 'I need an available DS-1 port in this CO and get a Verizon circuit ID I can use on the order'. I know the big guys have something, I'm a little guy, do I need to write it myself?