Emergency Services Information for the N.Y.C. Area (fwd)

this is a great compendium of information regarding the emergency
situation in the nyc area. it's from the nytimes direct mailing

also, i just had a sobering conversation with a member of my verizon
adsl team. i had simply asked where a favorite team member's normal
work area is (yes, its nyc) and it turns out that she is "one of many
MIA right now" and he described the chaos of hourly conference calls
and trying to track down people who were working in the area. i was
speechless, and i think i managed to croak out something pathetic
expressing my concern.

my heart goes out to them, and everyone with friends/coworkers/loved
ones in the area.

deeann m.m. mikula

director of operations
telerama public access internet