Emailing Discourse (treating it as a mailing list)

In an effort to make sure the mailing function works, I am sending and email to @Supermathie, I am including you in this test.

Edward McNair

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I did get a notification on the site :+1:

Thanks for the confirmation. Is there anything that users who are accustomed to using a mailing list will loose, when we retire Mailman, and switch to Discourse?

~ Edward

Mailman has subscription/unsubscription features available via email
that are no longer available anymore via the same interface.

That’s really the key - it should be treated as a different interface
rather than a “mailing list replacement”.

But the information flow is, importantly, still happening.

For example look at this fine crafted email:

A clear indication from who the message comes, plus clear calls to
action to participate further or unsubscribe from either some or all posts:

IMO the most important thing to have is the buy-in and willingness to

Thanks. It’s the buy in part that is always difficult. There is no way that everyone is going to be happy. It’s my hopes, that for those who are used to mailing lists that Discourse offers enough flexibility, that they won’t feel too put out.