Email Security Glossary

I recently created email security glossary out of the smaller one that was
included in mta-signatures paper (its now > 5 times larger with almost 300
terms and abbreviations!), it includes primarily email and cryptography
abbreviations and terms but number of related network and dns terms are
also there. This glossary will be shared among several of my projects and
websites, but currently its first official location is:

Feel free to check this out and if you find any terms that you do not
believe are accurately described, let me know.

P.S. I sent the above info on Friday on couple other mail lists, but forgot
to do this on nanog even though I did mention here before that I was working
on this glossary when we were talking about botnets and even used portions
of text that were sent to me when defining that term (and I would like to
thank all those who answered me and helped with the glossary).

I would represent "spam" in all lower-case letters. The all-CAPS format
you use throughout the document is a trademark of Hormel Foods. Hormel
acknowledges the generic use of the term "spam" referring to email but
requests that it not be capitalized. Otherwise an excellent reference.