Email lists pertaining to NA colo sites?


  I was wondering if someone was running a single repository of
lists run by either Colo sites, or others in support of colo sites,
in the North America. (Like for 25 Broadway {Adam?}, or even more
specifically 118th, 5th floor, room 518 and anyone that might be in
that room in the next week or so. :slight_smile: ) Maybe there is a general
list where someone can post "Hey, I'm in 25B, 5th floor and I need
a patch cable" or even more specifically "Hey, I need someone who
can get to my cabinet at the specificied location and use a pen
to reboot one of my servers so I can save the $43.75 and not spend
$5 in gas, $6 for tolls, and $17 for parking to press a button, wait
30 seconds, and press again".

    Thanks, Tuc