Ellipse - a new anonymous ftp server implementation

Hi all,

We are very grad to announce an alpha release of the `Ellipse'
which is a new anonymous ftp server implementation.

A few Ellipse processes (one is the master and others are
pre-forked processes) can handle a lot of ftp clients at a
same time. So, it requires less memory or process resources
to serve a large number of ftp sessions.

Ellipse is designed to serve ANONYMOUS ftp services only.
So it is VERY SECURE. For example, it calls chroot system
call and leaves from any privilege mode before accepting

IPv6 extensions, such as LPRT, LPSV are also supported. We
tested IPv6 extensions with INRIA and Hydrangea.

For more details, see


or README in a distribution. The newest distribution can
be found in:


Best regards,

Ikuo Nakagawa