Eliminate Dependency on Telefonica in Brazil?

Consider the following *hypothetical*:

Company X comes to believe that one of the best things it could do to
achieve reliability
on its circuits in Brazil is to reduce or eliminate its dependency on
for "last mile" support/provisioning. Are there any options available to
a Company? If so, which might be best: microwave, satellite, cellular, etc?
Which vendors
might be investigated and considered for these services? Any difference
VPN and point to point circuits? If you were goign to build a large scale
web presence
in Brazil...what's your top list of possible circuit providers? Reliability
is valued
over cost. I guess to put the query in nanog mailing list terms.....who
could I go
with to ensure I'm a good BGP neighbor in Brazil?

I know some may find the above humorous since if you insert Verizon,
etc in place of Telefonica...the hypothetical may not change much. :slight_smile: No
to the Bells...when I pick up the phone 99.999% of the time I have dial
tone--which I
appreciate. :slight_smile: But it costs $$$...