ElastiFlow Getting Started?

Does anyone know of a getting started guide for the latest release of ElastiFlow? I went the docker path because I recall setting up a system before that had a lot of work with dependencies and getting things tied together.

I got it installed and it seems to run without error, but there’s nothing telling me how to actually access the UI. Something is listening on port 8080, but it just gives me a 404. That seems to be pertinent to the API, which I don’t care about at this time. That seems like low hanging fruit that the documentation misses.

Apparently, Elastiflow is only part of the solution you need. You still need to install the Elastic Stack to use the product.

iirc they used to have an “all in one” docker compose option, but I don’t see that in the docs now.

If you’re just going for the Elastic-based setup without e.g. Kafka etc. for the higher scale stuff, I believe you should be able to get a basic PoC going with the the collector from https://docs.elastiflow.com/docs/flowcoll/install_docker/ and the ELK side from https://docs.elastiflow.com/docs/data_platforms/elastic/cluster_xsmall

Is this in relation to the old opensource archived ElastiFlow or the new proprietary one with only subscription options above a certain flow count? Presumably the subscription comes with some kind of support?

I think the only option left for open source flow monitoring is the new free.fr-maintained Akvorado at GitHub - akvorado/akvorado: Flow collector, enricher and visualizer I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, curious if anyone else has.


I use Akvorado within my network, it’s quite nice and easy to setup. A demo exists at https://demo.akvorado.net/.

Rishi Panthee
Ryamer LLC