Eisenach & the FCC - was: [Re: Here we go again.]

The president elect chose Mr Eisenach to help fill jobs in FCC
and other telecom areas of govt.

Before this snowball gets any bigger, I would like to reiterate the previous commenter calling for this present political discussion to move elsewhere. Here's the NANOG AUP we've all agreed to:

NANOG Acceptable Use Policy

* Discussion will focus on Internet operational and technical issues as described in the charter of NANOG<https://www.nanog.org/history/charter>.

* Postings of issues inconsistent with the charter are prohibited.

* Postings of political, philosophical, and legal nature are prohibited.

You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.


Public policy affecting networks is a legitimate topic. Net neutrality has been discussed countless times on this board with no objection from anybody.




I respectfully disagree. This is discussing politics, not the "operational and technical issues" of NANOG's charter.

There are other venues for politics. NANOG's AUP prohibits political discussions.


Whether it's politics, non-politics, related, offtopic, whatever. It has
been discussed in here for lengths and overlengths. This one is no
different. And hey, rules exist to be bend >:-)

Second, the content of the topic will affect ALL of us, whether you are an
ISP, simple admin/tech or anyone else watching and participating on this
list as it discusses changes that are to be expected getting a new
president with his new associates who probably only looks at the cashflow
without having any clue about the technical difficulties and problems they
will cause.

In all the time I am monitoring nanog know, there is one thing I learned:
If you don't like it, simply move it to /dev/null and ignore the contents.