EIGRP support !Cisco

Looking for EIGRP support in a platform other than Cisco. Since it was
opened up last year. We have a situation where we need to integrate into a
network running EIGRP and would like to avoid cisco if at all possible.

Any thoughts?

Nick Olsen
Network Operations
(855) FLSPEED x106


Why not use isis or ospf? Both are fully vendor neutral, and they both
support mpls networks properly. EIGRP has some interesting features, but
the vendor tie-in cost is way too high to even consider using it. IGP
migration is quite do-able, even for large networks, and all cisco devices
which speak EIGRP will also speak at least ospf, if not isis.



Use a standard protocol and redistribute between the two. OSPF is likely
the easiest way to go for this.
I like EIGRP, but I don't think I like it enough to try a non-Cisco
implementation of it. At least with OSPF you know that most of the bugs
have been worked out (hopefully).