Egypt 'hijacked Vodafone network'

A text message received Sunday by an Associated Press reporter in Egypt appealed to
the country's "honest and loyal men to confront the traitors and
criminals and protect our people and honor."

Another urged Egyptians to
attend a pro-Mubarak rally in Cairo on Wednesday. The first was marked as coming from "Vodafone." The other was signed: "Egypt Lovers."


That is horrible....

Next thing you know they'll be sending SMS messages to the people saying
"TEXT 666 to donate 58 Egyption Pounds to support Mubarak"

I got an e-mail this morning...

I am a consultant to the Egyptian President. I am contacting you for a possible
business deal based on the present political crisis in Egypt. The conglomerate
of Mobarak is ready to partner with you to help secure the resources of the
president since the office of the presidency has been dissolved."