EFF needs your help to stop the Senate's DNS censorship bill

Dear network operators,

I apologise for a posting that contains some politics; I hope you'll agree
that it also has fairly substantial short-to-medium term operational

As you may or may not have heard, there is a censor-DNS-to-enforce-copyright
bill that is going to be passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee this
Wednesday. It will require service providers to censor the DNS entries of
blacklisted domains where piracy is deemed too "central" to the site's purpose.
Senators are claiming that they haven't heard any opposition to this bill, and
it is being sponsored by 14 of the 19 committee members. We believe it needs
to be stopped, and we need your help.

What EFF needs right now is sign-ons to an open letter, from the engineers who
helped build the Internet in the first place. The text of our letter is
below. If you agree with it and would like to sign, please send me an email
at pde@eff.org, with your name and a one-line summary of what part of the
Internet you have helped to design, implement, debug or run.

This is URGENT. I need your sign-ons by 4:00pm, US Eastern time (1pm
Pacific), tomorrow. Unfortunately, the civil liberties community has been
ambushed by this bill.

You can find out more details on the bill here: https://eff.org/coica