Any one got any comments about edgedirector.com's service(s), esp wrt to
load balancing, geo-ip stuff etc.

They seem to be way way cheaper than ultradns, esp when you adding in geo-ip
load sharing and such. So is there wnay reason WHY its cheaper?

You really can't compare EdgeDirector's network to UltraDNS which is
much larger and more resilient by leaps and bounds. I've spoke with
the owner of ED before and decided against using the service. Right
now we're using Afilias and the price isn't much worse, the GUI is
much nicer, and the network is much larger and more redundant.

We recently walked out on an UltraDNS contract due to deceptive
billing practices. They're a corrupt company, imho.



can't see any info on the Afilias web site on them doing stuff with GNS type
solutions - maybe I should do something odd like talk
to them :wink: