Edge-Core (Accton) switches

Anyone have any experience using Edge-Core switches (or Accton,
Edge-Core is a subsidiary)? Good/bad? Pricing/features seem good, but
you often get what you pay for . . .



we have a couple of Foundry Networks EdgeIron 4802CF, which should be similar to accton's ES3550C [1].

we have a hand full of vlans (10-20) configured and use them as a
top-of-the-rack (?) switch to connect our customer's servers. the gbit
uplink(s) are connected to our core equipment.

on our experience, the do no good job at handling too much load.
depending on the firmware, the management cpu will become too loaded
and you'll have troubles accessing the switch via ssh or you'll see
snmp issues.

however, i haven't seen any real issues with switching performance.

[1] http://www.accton.com/products/product_range/01_l2fes/es3550c.htm