Eating My Collapse Column

But, again, I was wrong -- we were lucky -- about the 1996 gigalapse.

I don't think we were lucky, Bob. I think you were just wrong. You seem
still not to have any clue about how much cooperation DOES exist among
providers or how good IP service engineers are at predicting and managing
growth, or at how the feedback loop between capacity and demand works in
large scale networks.

Service engineering is very different from product engineering. Most folks,
including you, who are excellent at one are not excellent at the other.

Again, I was wrong. I ate the column. I am sorry. I am not worthy.

I don't know if I'd go that far. I wish I was sure that you'd meant well
but I think you're poised to do better next time.

Not to mention the fairly tight feedback loop between engineers,
researchers and vendors that takes place at the NANOG meetings and on
various lists.

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