Earthlink SMTP Admin Contact?

Any chance there's someone from Earthlink on nanog or anyone that has contact information?

We have a large IP block that is being listed as dynamic by Earthlink's mail servers causing mail to be returned and have gotten nowhere with the normal procedures or the abuse mailbox at (866) 525-8194.

Feel free to contact me off-list.


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Their NOC has an unlisted number: +1 404-815-0770 x22277


Not anymore, it would seem. NANOG Archives FTW.

Thanks for the number, but their NOC was unable to help me. They referred me back to their Abuse Mailbox and abuse e-mail addresses (, They were unable to provide any alternative number or e-mail address. I ended up calling their corporate office (404.815.0770) and spoke to an operator who confirmed with senior tech's that the abuse team their checks the mailbox but they apparently are not in the office and work from home. Senior tech support tells me the mail server is not blocked even though I get blocked messages and escalating it further would not do anything as they show it as not blocked.

Tech support uses the same procedure as the mail administrator does which is to e-mail blockedbyearthlink@ address with the subject BLOCKED: (replace with the ip) and if it is blocked they will unblock you. Sadly, I tried that already.

Ryan G
IT Assistant/Support Technician
Limestone Networks, Inc.
Simple. Solid. Superior.

Is the IP space anywhere near these -

Found 7 SBL listings for IPs under the responsibility of

03-Dec-2009 18:14 GMT BOA phish site

25-Nov-2009 01:23 GMT Snowshoe spam range ("Dynabucks")

22-Nov-2009 21:54 GMT Spammed malware sites on fast-flux hacked systems

21-Nov-2009 16:24 GMT MMF snowshoe spam

10-Nov-2009 14:00 GMT Suspected Snowshoe Spam Range

17-Sep-2009 08:03 GMT

17-Sep-2009 08:01 GMT