Earthlink MX from *Earthlink* dynamic IPs blocked?

I'm trying to get my sister's MythTV DVR to send her a daily email with its
recording schedule. Earthlink is apparently blocking the email because it's
coming from a dynamic address -- even though that address *is an Earthlink

Is there anyone from Earthlink email ops around who can confirm that's
actually the proper interpretation of your policy?

-- jra

I don't know why this should be especially surprising. They probably
use RBL's, etc, just like everybody else and I doubt the RBL cares
whether the source is earthlink vs. earthlink's address space.

Wouldn't it be easier to just set your linux box to use submission
and one of earthlink's mail servers, just like any other client
ought to be doing these days?


We do the same thing, if you aren't an authenticated client, you're just
another unknown mail server on the internet, so the same deliverability
rules apply with DNS etc. You do not get special treatment just because you
are on one of our ip blocks as far as inbound MX submission via SMTP.


Got it; yeah, maybe that shouldn't have been a surprise. I guess I'll have
to smart host her to their internal outbound server; that workaround works
for me with RoadRunner, it ought to work on EL as well.

Nothing to see here; move along.

-- jra

In my experience ssmtp (the software) has done a good job of smarthost-ing mail away from solitary instances with minimal pain; any reason you couldn't use that?