E1 - RJ45 pinout with ethernet crossover cable

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Quick question: If I have two E1 ports (RJ45), then will running a
straight ethernet cable between the two ports have the same affect as
plugging a ballan into each port and using a pair of coax (over a v.
short distance).

Likewise would using an ethernet crossover cable have the same affect as
swapping the pairs round on one balland.

Or are the pinouts different to ethernet? I tried googling but couldn't
find anything (perhaps because I can't seem to spell ballan :confused: ).

The pinouts are different. It's easy to make your own E1 crosscable

E1 uses pairs 4-5 and 3-6, just swap those.

  4-5 <------------> 3-6
  3-6 <------------> 4-5

(Oh it's "balun", from BALanced/UNbalanced, but you don't need one)