E.E. Times?

  Has anyone heard of E.E. Times that did a piece on the Internet and blamed
  Cisco routers for all the bottlenecks? They quote www.ra.net/statistics and
  www.academ.com/nanog as well as Craig Lebowitz and Fred Baker. I have a
  locally translated copy but I would be interested in seeing the original.

It's on their web site if you wanna dig for it. A very sad article...

The URL is http://www.techweb.com/se/directlink.cgi?EET19970106S0051.

The first paragraph really sets the tone for the rest of the article:

: A report by a federally funded networking research group here suggests
: that severe Internet congestion might be linked to "routing instability,"
: wherein heavy traffic emanating from routers bogs down the public network.
: The researchers further claim to have turned up evidence that Internet
: autonomous systems supplied by the dominant maker of routers, Cisco
: Systems Inc., have inherent router flaws that may exacerbate the problem.

The comment at the end is pretty good, too:

: Cisco routers might have IP-compatibility problems

These people ought to stick to roads and bridges.