DWDM Mux/Demux using 40G Optics

The guys at fibrestore will point you in the right direction on all this if you ask them these questions. They are actually very helpful and will assign you a specialist to assist.

The issue is that once you get above 10g things start to get expensive since you don't have options for straight 40g optics in different colors. At least not what I see, 4x10g like you have or a single 1310 40g with no way that I see to mux them. I guess the only way this might work would be to use optics that go from MTP to LCs for the 4x10 40s which you could then inject into a mux, for those colors along with a 1310 port for the other 40.

This is same thing you run into when talking 100g, active DWDM with transponders is how that's done with local gear SFPs being 850nm being fed into the DWDM gear for transport.

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