Dumb users spread viruses

So I guess my point is that after years of
resistance to Outlook, even I am reconsidering due to high user demand


a void in the market for a robust group calendaring and task management
application. Does anyone have any pointers for me. Something that fills


organizations needs and that will work with Eudora?

Hmmm... If you go to The Eudora™ Email Client Source Code - CHM
it says this:

   Create an ESP Group and subscribe your work email
   address and your home email address. Make a change
   to your calendar at home - and the changes will be
   synchronized with your calendar at work!

Presumably this means that it will synchronize the standard
iCal files used by products like Mozilla Calendar and
Apple's OS X iCalendar.

A quick bit of googling shows several universities
are using Eudora in conjunction with a calendaring
program called Meeting Maker.

--Michael Dillon